Channel Letters

  • Standard Front Lit

  • Front/Back Lit

  • Open face

  • Reverse halo

  • Self contained

  • Non Illuminated

  • Back Splash

See our standard channel letters spec sheet under resources.


We offer Channel Letters in any size, shape or style, we’ve done it all.


Our Mathews paint system allows us to match any custom color needed for your project


~We can accommodate any standard or custom fonts
Printed graphics
You can provide us with your graphics or we can print them in house with our latex designjet L26500. We guarantee beautiful prints every time.


LED or Neon
We can use our standard LED or any brand name that your project calls for. Our neon is manufactured in house for quality assurance.

Mounting options

All mounting options are available. Raceway, wireway, flush mount, backsplash or we can mount to sign cabinet faces, whatever your design calls for.

Subcopy and Design Elements

Channel letter designs often call for FCO, non illuminated letters, and/or small design elements that most channel letter wholesalers will not manufacture. We can provide you with these custom design elements no problem

Channel Letters come UL Approved