Wholesale Signage Water Jet Cutting

RNS Expands In House Capabilities by Acquiring a

Water Jet Cutting Machine

RNS is pleased to announce the newest addition to our family. It’s a Flow CNC Water Jet or better known around here as FloJo. Due to increased demand for water jet cutting in sign projects, we purchased our Flow water jet to better serve our clients needs and to keep every aspect of the manufacturing process in house.

This amazing machine will cut virtually any material with extreme accuracy including aluminum, steel, iron, titanium and high-tech composites as well as marble, granite, glass, tile, stone, wood and plastics. To give you a better idea of just how amazing this machine really is, It can cut an intricate design out of 6” solid steel!

This machine has opened the doors of opportunity for RNS who has become one of the few sign companies to offer wholesale water jet cutting services to the sign industry. Being able to provide this service allows us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Whatever unique designs a sign designer can dream up, and whatever material is required for the application, we can do it all in house!

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